When should my child see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that parents schedule their child’s first orthodontic visit by age 7. It’s around this time that their little smiles have a mix of baby and permanent teeth, and because their jaws are still developing, it’s important to monitor how adult teeth come in.

Without growth monitoring, crowding and other potential problems may make orthodontic treatment more challenging later in life.

What is Orthodontic Growth Monitoring?

As your little one grows, your Lakeside Orthodontist can help watch for orthodontic issues before they become more serious, making the work of orthodontics in their later years a lot easier. For example, we’ll monitor:

  • Potential cross-bite and open bite development
  • Obstructive breathing issues—is your child a mouth breather?
  • Position of baby and permanent teeth
  • Dental overcrowding or spacing which could hinder or affect permanent tooth development or position
  • How permanent teeth come in
  • Teeth at risk for injury or decay due to protrusion or overcrowding
  • Harmful habits that may cause orthodontic problems (thumb sucking)
  • Oral hygiene and overall dental health
  • A balanced facial appearance
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We Make Orthodontics Fun for Kids

Their free membership in Rising Star includes all kinds of free swag, birthday surprises, extra encouragement, and prizes … like we said: FUN!

Our goal is that, whether it be their own appointments or they’re just tagging along with a sibling, kids love coming to see us while learning how important taking care of their smiles is in the process.

It’s easy (and did we mention FUN?). Schedule your first, free consultation and get ready to blast off!

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