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Mendota Heights, MN is home to many orthodontic providers. But not all of them work hard to not only do the best quality of work they can but also make sure you have a great time all throughout your appointment. Not all of them have a track record of helping patients overcome the stress and anxiety of visiting an orthodontist. Few of them provide you with more than exceptional service; with a genuine experience, you won’t get anywhere else.

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One who does all of this—and more—is Lakeside Orthodontics.

With 2 locations, Lakeside Orthodontics is convenient to Mendota Heights and the greater Twin Cities area. Our doctors have an absolute passion for the industry that is second to none. This has led us to develop an environment that is not only caring, trusting, and compassionate but also lots of fun for absolutely everyone.

All members of our treatment staff are registered assistants, so you can always be sure that you’re getting absolutely everything you need. We proudly service patients residing in Mendota Heights, MN on a regular basis, and payment plans are available for you to take advantage of depending on your needs.

Award-Winning Orthodontic Care

We have been recognized for all of these qualities over the last few years, which is something we’re tremendously proud of. Just a few of the awards we’ve received include:

More important to us is the responses we get directly from our patients, so we invite you to ask around and hear for yourself!

Lakeside Orthodontic Services

Our doctors and care teams at Lakeside Orthodontics offer a comprehensive suite of orthodontic treatment options, including:

  • Braces: From traditional to Damon Braces as well as ceramic or clear braces, Lakeside Orthodontics can help you find an option that delivers the confident smile of a lifetime
  • Invisalign® alignersWe are among the top providers in the country, and we can create an Invisalign treatment plan that works for nearly any Mendota Heights child, teen, or adult.
  • Free growth monitoring: For our Mendota Heights kids aged 5-10, our Rising Star program offers a fun way to help your little one get a head start on a confident, healthy smile.
  • RetainersAfter we help Mendota Heights patients “smile out loud” we help them keep their smiles looking their best with every potential retainer option.

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